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It’s actually all about you…

Usually, the way this goes is you would jump onto my website and read a bunch about what I do, why I do it, where I've been and what my favourite food is. However, having sat and thought for a long while about story telling, I’ve come to the realisation that none of this is about me at all.

When it comes to story telling, there’s usually a “hero” or “good guy” involved in the plot. On your wedding day, that’s you. You’re the ones the who ultimately decides and orchestrates the way the day ebbs and flows. Every emotional high and low, every tear jerking or laugh provoking moment, that’s you. Done right, your day will reflect your personality in many ways and will be a window into who you are and everything that got you to that moment of “I do/”Sure thing/Hell yeah!”.

You are an absolute hero getting to where you are in this exact moment so don’t stop there, be a wedding hero too and get it done the right way.

Your way.