Get to the point.


Tim & Corrine // Wanaka, New Zealand.

Have you ever been put in a situation or circumstance where you might not really know anyone that well but you’ve just felt an almost tangible connection to the people you’re surrounded by? That was me with Tim and Corrine.

I often say to friends that when I find my people whose thoughts are aligned with mine and I get to photograph them, my job is just so easy.
These two just had so much trust in me and it became so obvious throughout the day that they were just there to have fun and hang out with their closest friends and family. The way it should be!

I can’t express how much fun I had with them… From waking up at some stupid hour to hike a mountain with the groomsmen in the morning to drinking wine with everyone late into the night, I enjoyed every second of it.

Tim and Corrine, you guys flipped the game on its head and I loved watching it happen!



Jade & Wade // Newcastle, Australia.

When you think of powerful couples, who do you think of? Barack and Michelle? Brangelina? (RIP). I think of jade and wade.

as they hunted for the perfect venue for them to host their wedding in, they searched high and low and didn’t really find anything that tickled their fancy. with that, an idea was born. the fruit shed.

the fruit shed was a dilapidated old building in carrington until these two weapons got their hands on it!

the dream was to turn it into a wedding venue they loved and knew would prtray them in a way that no other venue could. With that, they gutted the entire building and built it into something incredible.

These guys pulled together an amazing space within a time frame i didn’t even know was possible and they did it with style and a sense of calm that i’ll probably never see again.

Jade and wade, if you’re reading this, know that you’ll always be an inspiration to me for work ethic and all round cool vibes.

You guys killed it.



Dave & Emmeline // Watagans, Australia

Down at the base fo the watagan mountains, i was lucky enough to be there for the wedding of david and emmeline.

from the moment i got there and saw how everything was set up, i knew that it was gonna be an absolute banger! with the ceremony and reception at the amazing greenfields farm estate and the location shots out in a crowd of pine trees deep in the forest, i was in my happy place.

Any time you can give me warm tones with a splash of colour thrown in and just all round good vibes,you can guarantee i’m going to bring the goods!