Chandler & Hannah - California Desert Styled Elopement

There is literally nothing that could have prepared me for how epic this shoot was going to be... 

A few months before I left for the USA, my sister got in contact with me and told me she had some friends that wanted to do a shoot while I was over there. The plan was to essentially take a second run at their wedding photos! Needless to say I was stoked to make it happen and after tossing and turning on a few different locations and days, we finally locked in a day but didn't really have a destination.

We took off into the mountains out the back of California down near San Diego and literally just looked for empty roads on google maps to try and find something that went as far into the mountains as we wanted. After searching for over an hour and picking a wild bouquet along the way, we found the spot. 

We climbed rocks, jumped across wild gaps in the boulders, dodged a tarantula and ultimately got there and it was absolutely magic! 

Check it out for yourself and let me know if you reckon it's as epic as I think it is! 🤙🏼

Alex Johns